Somchai Industry Company Limited (SCI) was found since 1975 and is one of the major leading companies in manufacturing extended surface tubes or so called finned tubes for superior heat exchanging purpose and for a wide range application. In addition to the finned tubes we also manufacture the heat exchangers such as shell & tube and fin fans coolers.

In 2005 the welded finned tube machine has been installed in our facility and performed its duty in manufacturing the welded finned tubes supplied to several local heat recovery steam generators both government and private owned customers.

In 2008 we have expanded our facility by adding the new warehouse building with total area around 2000 square meters for steel product inventory for quick delivery such as boiler tubes, pipes and plates. Atmospheric corrosion resistant plates.

In 2016 we have expanded the second factory to increase capacity for welded fin tube in Rayong with total area 30,000 square metre, in this area we built the factory 5,500 square metre with the width of 50 metre and length of 110 metre. Therefore, we still got more area 24,500 square metre to expand in the future. The name of our second factory is “Bfin” which we have large fabrication area. The new factory in Rayong is located about 50 kilometre near to Laemchabang port which is easy for transportion by sea.